Mount Pelée


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Mount Pelée

The imposing Mount Pelée towers over the island of Martinique with a menacing gaze. The volcano is going through a quiet phase, but it is still active, and as recently as 1902 had a violent eruption that destroyed the city of Saint-Pierre. Visitors today can hike up to the summit and marvel at the views on a clear day.

Do & See

The picturesque seaside city of Fort-de-France offers plenty in the way of sights and attractions, including beautiful historical buildings, an imposing fort and ample walkability, but it is best used as a home-base for exploring the natural surroundings of the island of Martinique. Laze at idyllic beaches from coast to coast, hike up the commanding Mount Pelée, and marvel at the lush, tropical beauty of the island. The more historically-minded can check out the Musée de la Pagerie or contemplate the solemn Anse Cafard Slave Memorial, a sobering reminder or the country's and region's tumultuous past.